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Bikes For All!

Posted On : 5/16/19

We say this often but it’s true — We are only as strong as the community that supports us. On May 16, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Metropolitan Detroit returned for their annual on-campus bike building event. This year, more than 60 volunteers spent the day with us to supply every child in our residential program with a brand new, hand assembled and personally delivered bike and helmet!

At the same time, other members of BOMA and Brightview built the groundwork for a beautiful veggie garden that our first ever Garden Club will care for over the summer.

It was a day of joy and excitement that goes beyond just bikes or vegetables, but something much deeper. When we think of the building blocks of childhood, the things that every child should have in his or her life, a bike is high on that list. And for our group of children, some who have never had a bike and others who long for their old bikes, we know that a bike comes to represent so much more.

Seeing our children on the bikes over the last month, with smiles as big as our campus, has been amazing. For those who never owned a bike of their own, it was a rite of passage. And for others who left their bikes and most of what they knew behind when they entered the foster care system, it represented a sense of freedom. And for all of our children, regardless of their age, it represented hope and the promise of better days ahead… That there is still so much good in a world that hasn’t been good to them.

From the children, staff and families at MCHS to our friends at BOMA Metro Detroit, THANK YOU for your amazing gift.  

2019 BOMA Detroit Bike Build

BOMA Metro Detroit members personally deliver bikes to boys at their cottages on May 16 2019.


2019 Golf Classic

2019 Golf Classic

Posted On : 6/10/19

The rain didn’t stop our shine as we held our 4th annual Golf Classic at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth. With just a brief delay in tee time, more than one hundred golfers joined us for a day filled with fun, golf, and giving back.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors and golfers, we were able to raise a record-breaking amount of funds, directly impacting our mission of providing individualized treatment, care, advocacy, and permanency to children and families impacted by childhood trauma. Funds raised will help us provide our youth with summer shoes, a trip to the Detroit Zoo, rubber mulch for their playground, and provide resources to our Detroit Resource Center. Our day ended with an impactful program, and attendees leaving with raffle prizes, silent auction items and a sense of knowing they made a difference for our children. 

A special thank you to our premiere sponsors: DTE Energy Foundation, Advantage Living Centers, NSA Architects, Total Healthcare, Guy Hurley, Pharmascript, Kienbaum Hardy Viviano Pelton Forrest, E&L Construction Group Inc., DDI Insurance, White Construction, Bank of America, All Inclusive, Detroit Free Press, Yeo & Yeo, DBbusiness, PNC Bank, and Suburban Eye Care. Also, thank you to our non-golfing sponsors: Inc. Systems, Watkins Ross, Embassy Title Agency, New Found Hope Community Church, Occupational Car Services, Dickinson Wright, Lawson’s, and our very own MCHS Board of Directors. 

Thank you to all of our volunteers and staff who helped coordinate this successful event! We look forward to next year!

What To Expect At Our Annual Gala

What To Expect At Our Annual Gala

Posted On : 10/9/2019

As MCHS continues to grow and increase its footprint in southeast Michigan, we thought “Rooting For Their Future” was an ode to the future of our children, of our organization and of the community we serve. As we grow into our next century of care, we’re laying new roots down through innovative program expansion and child abuse prevention.

The gala will be held at the Roostertail near downtown Detroit. The upscale venue offers gorgeous sunset views of the Detroit River and provides an ambiance to create the perfect formal evening for our guests! Attendees will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the community’s most charitable CEOs, political leaders and philanthropists, all coming together for our mission. 

The evening’s program will be led by Detroit’s very own Erika Erickson of Fox 2 News. In addition to dining a hand crafted menu and unlimited cocktail options, guests will enjoy heartwarming testimonials, high end auction and raffle items (wait for the twist!) and an unforgettable performance by Nuclassica, an electro-pop violin musical experience! The night will be jam-packed with surprises and a special announcement about the future of MCHS. 


Attire: Formal wear to black tie

What time to arrive: You’ll want to arrive at 6 pm to check in and get the first look at our silent auction items and entertainment! 

What’s included: Full plated meal and an open bar

Entertainment: Nuclassica (Check out one of their performances here to get excited!)

Parking: Complimentary valet services will be available for all guests. 

Coat Check: Complimentary coat check will be available for all guests.

Where do the funds raised go: 100% of funds raised at this year’s gala go directly toward our MAJOR 2020 endeavor (to be revealed at the gala)!

Five Myths About Foster Care & Adoption

Five Myths About Foster Care & Adoption

Posted On : 8/16/19 (Updated 5/7/2020)

So you’re interested in foster care and adoption? There’s a ton of information out there surrounding foster care and adoption, but the tricky part is separating the truth from the myths. We’re here to help you figure it out!

Myth: Adopting a child is expensive. 

False! Private adoption can be expensive. However, if you’re interested in adopting through your local Placement Agency Foster Care (PAFC) Services, expenses are relatively affordable and in some cases, fees could be waived! When participating in adoption through the state of Michigan, parents could pay up to $300 in court fees. This fee may be reimbursed through the state or agency, making the adoption free!

Myth: Teenagers don’t want to be adopted and are more difficult to care for. 

False! Everyone needs a family, including teens in foster care. In some cases, teenagers have been in the system for many years and desire to have a family to call their own. Each one deserves the love a family has to give and is eager to find that forever family. As teens navigate closer to adulthood, they need all the support they can get!

Myth: MCHS can discriminate against potential foster families based on sexual orientation. 

False! If you have love in your heart and meet the requirements set by the state, then you qualify as a potential foster parent. Despite the September 2019 Michigan ruling that allows religious-based agencies to discriminate against families in the LGBTQ community, MCHS is proud to work with families of all backgrounds if they have love in their hearts and a safe home. Additionally, MCHS is a non-secular organization. The state of Michigan recently conducted a training session for foster care and adoption agencies to reiterate the Michigan Department of Human Health and Services (MDHHS) non-discrimination policy stating “Adoption and Placement Agency Foster Care (PAFC) Services contracts prohibit discrimination against any individual or group because of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, color, height, weight, marital status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or disability.” MCHS has a responsibility to abide by state rules and provide all potential foster and/or adoptive parents with the resources they need to thrive.

Myth: The cutoff age for the foster care system is 18. 

False! When children in foster care turn 18, in the state of Michigan, they have the option to request voluntary foster care status. This means children from 18-21 have the option to remain in system and continue receiving the placement services provided by the agency. At MCHS, children can apply to our Independent Living Program (ILP) starting at 16. This transitional living program provides resources and support to boys preparing for life after foster care. Residents must be in school or working while we help prepare them with necessary life skills such as financial literacy, trade skills, job readiness, etc. 

Myth: Kids in foster care are mistreated.

False! People hear the term “foster care” and Hollywood characters, like Mrs. Hannigan from Annie, come to mind. MCHS provides quality care for children in our system and ensures that the families they are paired with are equipped and prepared to provide the best environment for each child. Each family is required to attend a three hour orientation in addition to a two-day state developed PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education) program. Each potential foster family also goes through an extensive assessment process to become licensed for fostering. Once approved and paired with a child, our foster families are also subject to consistent an unplanned home visits to ensure the child’s environment promotes safety, love and healing.  

Truth: MCHS is your trusted resource!

MCHS provides top of the line support and resources to adoptive and foster families. We have many children waiting and ready to be welcomed into your loving home! 

For more information about foster care and adoption, CLICK HERE!

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Considering Adoption, 11/8/2019

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Considering Adoption, 11/8/2019

It’s no doubt that the adoption process can seem daunting. We’re here to help! Here are a few questions you should ask when considering adoption. 

Question: What are the child’s current routine and schedule?

Understanding the existing routine of the child’s life will be advantageous in their adaptation process. Speak with your caseworker and therapist to gain insight into the daily activities your child participates in to help them retain a sense of normalcy in their new home.

Question: What type of relationship did the child have with their birth parents?

It’s important to understand the child’s previous or existing relationship with their birth parents. The quality of their relationship with their birth parents may affect how they attach to their new family and home. Remember that foster care children are victims of circumstance. Time and patience are required to ensure a welcoming environment. 

Question: What types of behaviors are you willing to work with? Which behaviors do you consider unacceptable?

If you’re adopting a child with a traumatic past, you must be prepared to ask yourself what kind of behaviors are you willing to accept and which are unacceptable. It will be vital to study your child’s records and diagnoses from the caseworker and therapist to help you understand the potential behaviors of your child. This will help you determine your boundaries as it relates to behavior.  

Question: If the child is not a member of my race/ethnicity, how do they feel about being a member of a family of my race/ethnicity?

Blending into a new home is difficult. Blending into a new home of a different race/ethnicity is even more challenging. Make sure to check with the child to get their thoughts and concerns around joining a family of different races/ethnicity. Are you willing to incorporate the traditions and values of the child’s race/ethnicity into your home? 

Question: Are you open to a child who expresses confusion regarding their gender or sexual identity? 

It’s necessary to understand the identity of your child. Speak with caseworkers and therapists to gain an understanding of how your child currently identifies. Be sure to educate yourself on the fluidity of gender identity and sexual orientation. Are you open and prepared to have a child who expresses confusion regarding their gender or sexual identity? 

These are just five ways to prepare yourself as you consider adopting. To speak with an adoption specialist, please contact (313) 531-6190 or CLICK HERE for more information. 

Six Ways To Prevent Substance Abuse Relapse During The Holidays

Six Ways To Prevent Substance Abuse Relapse During The Holidays

Posted On : 10/24/2019

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. It can be especially difficult for people who have battled substance abuse. With an increase in family gatherings and stress, individuals who struggle with substance abuse can feel an increased temptation to use during the holiday season. Whether you are personally affected by substance abuse or you know someone who struggles, here are six tips to help avoid relapse during the holiday season.

1.    Evaluate each situation

It’s important to have a game plan before arriving at holiday parties. Ask yourself a few questions before you arrive:

  • How long is the event? Is there a point during the event when substances will be highlighted (i.e. toasts)
  • Will there be any high tension moments that may cause an increase in stress?
  • Does the event space allow me to sit separately from the substances?

Understanding the layout of the event space and the agenda will help you prepare and understand the moments that may be most tempting.

2.    Bring the party with you

Before heading to the next party, ask the host what’s on the menu and should you be aware of any potential triggers. This information will help you gain an understanding of what you’ll experience. If there will be alcohol, request to have a non-alcoholic beverage or offer to bring your favorite drink.

3.    Keep stress under control

While the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be extremely stressful. Understanding your stressors will help you better assess situations and prepare for moments of high stress or anxiety. Consider practicing breathing techniques or meditation during the holidays to thwart you from the feeling of temptation.

4.    Accountability buddy

Ask a friend to join you as your accountability buddy! Have a conversation about your triggers and transparently share any concerns you have about attending an event. Create a list of boundaries that your accountability buddy can help you with. Consider asking your buddy to refrain from any substance use in solidarity with your choices. Your accountability buddy should be someone you trust.

5.    Rehearsed responses

People tend to ask a lot of questions, especially if you refrain from partaking in substance use. Before heading to the next event, create a shortlist of responses to recite if asked about your refusal of substances. Practice your responses in the mirror or rehearse with a trusted friend or family member. Your rehearsed responses will help decrease the anxiety that comes with saying “no” at holiday events.

6.    Lean on your support system

Your support system is rooting for you! Be encouraged to talk to your support system about your past and current struggles. Share your plan for the holiday season and lean on them for extra support through the end of the year. If you attend substance abuse support meetings, consider increasing your visits during the holiday season. Be encouraged to share your plan, victories, or setbacks. Your plan may help another during the holiday season.

What No One Tells You About Adoption

What No One Tells You About Adoption

Posted On : 11/19/2019

Adoption is a life changing experience that can positively impact the lives of everyone involved. However, everyone’s adoption process is different. Here are five things not commonly shared about adoption. 

You may fall in love instantly, but the child may not

Everyone dreams of love at first sight. While you may instantly love your adoptive child, they may not reciprocate those feelings immediately. Remember, this child will have mixed emotions about their new home and it may take a while for them to process their feelings. With time and patience, your child may learn to love their new surroundings and family. 

The child may want to seek their birth family.

As the child ages, there is a possibility that they will want to seek their birth family.  This is a natural feeling and one that you should prepare yourself for. Consider your feelings around your child engaging with their birth family and what that process would look like. 

Don’t expect a “thank you.” 

While your decision to adopt is undoubtedly commendable, you may not receive a verbal “thank you” from your adopted child. Remember that your child is a victim of circumstance. They did not ask for the life they lived before being placed in your home. Being patient and providing the love and safety they deserve will give them a feeling of gratitude, even if not outwardly expressed. 

You may question yourself.

There will be times during the adoption process when you ask yourself, “Am I making the right decision? Will the child adapt well? Will my family be open to receiving a new child?” There will be times when you will question your decision. Your adoption caseworker will be able to help you navigate your feelings. Ultimately, if you have love in your heart and a safe home environment, you are saving a child’s life. 

Build your support network.

It truly takes a village to raise a child, and an adoptive child is no different. It will be vital for you to have a strong support system to help you through this process. Your case manager, family, friends, and fellow adoptive parents will be great resources for emotional support and valuable information to help you through the process. 

To speak with an adoption specialist, please contact (313) 531-6190 or CLICK HERE for more information.

Home For The Holidays

Home For The Holidays

Posted On : 12/19/2019

The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, especially for foster children who are adjusting to a new home. Read below for ways to decrease the stress around transitioning into a new home during the holidays. 

Ask about their traditions. 

Sit down with your child and inquire about their favorite holiday traditions of their family or past foster families. Consider incorporating some or all of their traditions into your seasonal festivities. This is a great way to provide a sense of normalcy during their holiday season. 

Be transparent about upcoming events. 

Transparency is a great way to prepare your child for the holiday season. Discuss the events, traditions, and ceremonies you plan to attend. Give them insight into what each obligation entails and who will be attending.

Be patient. 

While the holiday season is filled with cheer and joy for most, it may be an emotionally difficult time for your child. Remain patient and keep an open dialogue with what you can do to ease any pain associated with the holidays. 

Prepare your family. 

Have a discussion with your family, both immediate and extended, about your foster child. Be open about any potential triggers your child may have and prepare your family for any behavioral tendencies your child may express. 

Get them involved.

Create fun memories and get your child involved in your holiday preparations! Consider fun holiday activities like decorating, baking and games and give your child some accountability in creating the holiday atmosphere. 

Incorporate their biological family. 

If your child would like to spend time with their biological family during the holiday (if appropriate) consider speaking with your caseworker about arranging a time with their family.

The holidays are a great time for creating new memories filled with love! CLICK HERE for more information about foster care and adoption.

Benefits Of Mentorship

Benefits Of Mentorship

Posted On : 1/15/2020

January is National Mentoring Month! Becoming a mentor at MCHS is just one of the many ways you can have a direct impact on our youth and community. Continue reading to learn the benefits of mentoring our youth.

It makes a child’s life better.

Studies show children need three positive role models in their lives to be successful. Our boys often need an extra source of support to get through their tough days and as they navigate obstacles in their young lives. By becoming a mentor, you will be matched with one of our children in our residential program. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to bond with your mentee through campus activities and scheduled one-on-one time. Spending time with your mentee may bring them a moment of peace and normalcy amid their circumstances. 

It makes the community better.

Investing in our children is an investment in the future. Coretta Scott King once said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Mentoring a child at MCHS has a positive impact not just on a child and yourself, but also on your community. Our children have experienced trauma and neglect and need plenty of support and love. Providing our youth with a mentor allows them to develop relationships that will expose them to new lifestyles, ideas and experiences.

It makes your life better.

Our children aren’t the only ones that benefit from our mentor program. Mentors are also positively impacted by their new friendship. During the commitment, mentors and mentees develop strong relationships and mentors often become a support system for our kids. Cindy Cohen became a mentor in 2019 after learning about MCHS during a news segment. Cindy comes from an education background and wanted to invest her time in nurturing children. When asked about her experience as a mentor, she replied, “This gives me an opportunity to attend to every aspect of their needs; their hearts, their education, future and goal planning. Just being someone that can help them achieve their goals.” Cindy has been greatly impacted by the relationship her and her mentee have developed and plans to continue mentoring in 2020. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our mentor program, consider attending our upcoming information session on March 12th at 5:30 p.m. on our Redford campus in the administration building.

2019 Hearts & Heroes Gala

2019 Hearts & Heroes Gala

Posted On : 11/12/2019

Our 3rd Annual Hearts & Heroes Gala was one to remember! More than 400 guests came together to root for the future of MCHS and the children and families we serve. Together, we raised a record-breaking amount of funds to support our mission and exciting new ventures. Thanks to our generous sponsors and donors, guests enjoyed the night with beautiful views right on the Detroit River, silent auction and raffles just before hearing first-hand the stories of triumph and success by five amazing individuals who have been changed forever through MCHS. For the first time in MCHS history, attendees enthusiastically participated in a live auction for luxurious prizes and excursions. Guests were inspired throughout the evening and left with the honor of sponsoring students in the inaugural class of our 2020 charter school! Major thank you to all of our volunteers and staff who helped coordinate this successful event! We look forward to next year! 

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