about us

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Vision

Building a community where every child and family has a safer and brighter future.

Our Mission

MCHS Family of Services provides individualized treatment, care, advocacy, and permanency to children and families impacted by childhood trauma.

Core Values

As a staff at MCHS, we:

1. Celebrate the worth, diversity, and dignity of every youth and family.
  With courage and integrity, we embrace and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of every individual, treating all families with love and respect.
2. Work collectively together and through partnerships to provide the best care possible.
  Through consummate teamwork and strategic partners in the community, we ensure our youth and families receive the best programs and services possible.
3. Give voice to our youth and families who do not have a voice.
  We advocate tirelessly on behalf of our youth and families in the public, private, and political sector to ensure their voices are heard.
4. Commit to results.
Through research, data, and experiences, we use innovative practices to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the youth and families we serve.
5. Make a positive impact on our communities.
By transforming the lives of our youth and their families, we strive to make our communities healthier, stronger, and better for future generations.
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