Foster Care

Short Term Care

Short Term Care

Each child that enters the foster care system has a unique set of circumstances. Some children are in need of short-term care. Foster parents have the option to open their homes to children in need of short-term care rather than a lengthy duration of placement.

The Siegler Family Profile

The Sieglers became licensed with MCHS in July 2017 as an emergency/short-term care home. The Sieglers have provided care for children who are experiencing emergency removals from their foster homes or relatives. This keeps children from  being placed in shelters while MCHS works to find more permanent placement. The Siegler’s have also provided short-term care for children with long-term foster parents who need to travel and are  unable to bring foster children. The Sieglers also assist working foster parents with childcare. This year, the Siegler’s provided temporary care for a 10-year-old boy experiencing an emergency removal from a relative. The Siegler’s provided care for ten days while MCHS secured a more long-term placement in our residential program,receiving the services he needed. His time with the Siegler’s prevented him from being placed in a shelter while awaiting long-term placement. The Siegler’s also cared for the boys 7-year-old sister. In addition to cognitive delays, the girl had a serious skin condition that required special treatment. The young girl was able to stay with the Siegler’s for three months while a permanent placement was assessed and approved. During that time, the Siegler’s worked diligently to treat her medical condition, advocating for her IEP at school, and working with her on school work at home. The girl’s skin condition was so severe that she had painful open sores on

The Sieglers became licensed with MCHS in July 2017 as an emergency/short-term care home.

her scalp, often covered up. Within a few weeks with the Sieglers, her skin condition improved. She has now grown her hair out and enjoys wearing headbands and hair clips. When the girl’s more permanent placement was ready, the Sieglers gifted her with a memory book containing pictures of activities done  during their time together, a gift the Sieglers do for each child who comes to them. The Siegler’s serve with the patience, care and kindness we can all aspire to! 

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